You must redeem your voucher on our website to register for one of our events. Due to the limited seating and preparation required for our classes, we ask for all patrons to pre-register for their classes on our website. You can not simply bring in your voucher to one of our events, so please follow the instructions below to use your voucher and properly register for your desired class.

How to use your CouponVoucher

1. Select the event you wish to use your Voucher on.

Our events are usually posted months in advance, so you can scroll through all the available options to select the one that fits your taste and schedule best. Early registration is encouraged, as we DO sell out of seats!

2. Scroll down the Tickets form and add the tickets you want

The “Ticket” form will also inform you of the exact number of tickets available for this event, as well as the ticket price. If you wish to attend with friends, then make sure there are enough spaces for everyone.

3. Add your Code to Coupon code field on either the Cart or Checkout page.

There are two places to paste your Coupon, Voucher, Gift Certificate, or Reschedule Voucher code: the VIEW CART and the CHECKOUT pages. Once the code has been submitted, your order should now reflect a new total. If there is a still a balance on the order, you will be prompted to pay the remaining balance.

If you do not use all the available credit on your voucher, you can use it on additional orders in the future.

4. Add in your personal information on the Checkout page, then click “PLACE ORDER”.

The CHECKOUT page ask you to fill in your personal details (name, email, phone, etc.). If there is a remaining balance after using your voucher, you will also be asked for payment information. Accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY and click on PLACE ORDER.

5. That’s it, you’ve completed your order using your voucher or coupon code.

Get ready for a FUN and CREATIVE event that mixes Art and Entertainment!

General Information on Vouchers

  • You can view a calendar of ALL of our UPCOMING EVENTS.
    The first step of using a voucher is finding an event to use it on.

  • Coupon codes only apply to PUBLIC events. 
    They can not be used for Private Parties, FUNdraisers, and most Specialty Events.
  • Vouchers, including Reschedule Vouchers are effectively the same as cash.
    You can use a voucher as payment for any event except FUNdraisers, including Private Parties and Specialty Events.

  • You can use a Voucher as PARTIAL PAYMENT on a transaction.
    If the ticket you are trying to purchase is more than your voucher, you will be given the option to pay the difference.

Event Cancellations and Vouchers

There are some special considerations in regards to Cancellations.

1. We are happy to reschedule any event with at least 48 hours of advance notice.
To reschedule your ticket, visit our How to Cancel a Ticket page for details and our Reschedule Form.

2. We can NOT issue a refund for an order that was paid for by a Voucher from a third party.
Since one of the daily deal sites collected your payment, we have no way of issuing you a refund for your purchase. You may request a refund from the daily deal site, which we will not dispute (as long as you have actually not used your voucher), but there may be terms or stipulations on their end that you must meet. This ONLY applies to daily deal vouchers.

3. We WILL issue a refund for Reschedule Vouchers that were originally a paid transaction to Tipsy Ypsi.
We understand this can be confusing with the previous item.  As a general rule of thumb, if you paid Tipsy Ypsi in the original transaction, then we can issue a refund. The exception to this is for Gift Certificates, which can not be exchanged for cash value.