Public Event Cancellation2022-10-01T02:22:17-04:00

We hate to cancel our events, but occasionally it happens.  Usually, events are canceled due to low attendance numbers or severe weather conditions.

In the event of a cancellation, anyone who purchased a ticket will be notified and given the option of a reschedule voucher or refund.

Private Party Cancellation Policy2022-10-01T02:22:49-04:00

Despite the best intentions, we understand that unforeseen events can arise, so please let us know immediately!

  • You may opt to reschedule your Private Party with 7+ days advance notice at no charge.
  • Should you choose to reschedule your event within 2-6 days of the event, your Deposit will be forfeit, but we will provide reschedule vouchers for any tickets.
  • Within 48 hours of the event, all tickets and fees will be forfeit.
How do I cancel a ticket?2022-06-28T07:41:08-04:00

Tickets can be canceled on our website 24/7 (https://tipsyypsi.com/faq/how-to-cancel-a-ticket/), via email at events@tipsyypsi.com, or by calling us at (734) 480-8095 noon-7 PM/7 days a week.

Tickets to our public events can be refunded or rescheduled, as long as at least 48 hours prior notice is provided.  For the full details on cancelation and rescheduling, please see https://tipsyypsi.com/faq/how-to-cancel-a-ticket/.

Can I setup a paint party for my Kid or Teen?2022-05-15T06:09:48-04:00

Absolutely! Here are the basics:

  1. Kid’s Parties (utilizing Kid’s Art, which can be seen in the  Kid’s Gallery) are generally $25 per painter.
  2. Teen Parties (utilizing our simpler adult art from the Teen Gallery) are generally $35 per painter.
  3. We CAN use our more advanced adult art in a Kid’s Party, but we really don’t suggest it.  Pricing would be based off the art selected.
  4. We require a minimum of 10 painters for parties at our Studios, and 15 for off-site parties (held at your location).
  5. We do offer MULTI-TICKET DISCOUNTS on purchases, so if you are buying all of the tickets for the event, the cost will be 10% to 35% cheaper than those listed above.

Check out our Kid’s Private Parties page for more details on how to setup your own party with Paint and Pour!

What are the Maturity Ratings listed on your events? Is there an age limit for events?2022-07-21T14:48:46-04:00

As a general rule of thumb, our minimum age is 18 and over for standard events, although guests will have to be 21+ to consume alcohol. We do not tolerate under-age drinking under any circumstances, and participation in that sort of activity will result in immediate dismissal of the perpetrator, and everyone in their group, from the event. However, we do run events for Teen (ages 13+) and Kids (ages 5+).  Each event has a “Maturity Rating” clearly listed on the event’s detail page. You can see a legend of our Maturity Ratings on the right hand side.


VERY Adult
(Ages 21+)

Only Private Events can select an X rating. At this level, the jokes are going to go beyond innuendo.  A good choice for Bachelorette Parties and Girl’s Night Out events.


(Ages 18+)

Most of all of our parties are themed for an adult audience, with mature humor that borders on the edge (and occasionally over) of a bit risque.  Expect a lot of innuendo.


(Ages 13+)

There will be jokes, but not on the racy side.


(Ages 5+)

A Family Friendly  experience suitable for all ages.

Can I change something in my painting?2022-06-08T23:19:51-04:00

Absolutely! Our guests are welcome to change up their paintings as they see fit.  We love seeing unique art pieces, and we witnessed some absolutely incredible interpretations of our art! Our instructors will be there to answer any questions and provide some advice, but their primary obligation is to teach the featured painting to the rest of the party, so please be considerate of the other patrons.

In fact, we have even added some of our patron’s “alterations” to our regular library, as we just fell in love with their creativity! If we fall for YOUR unique take on one of our paintings, we’ll give you a freebie ticket to the first event we feature it at, as well as including your name in the painting! You’ll be Tipsy Ypsi famous!

Do you charge anything to run an event at my home/business/church/facility?2022-05-15T05:17:59-04:00

We do charge a minimal travel fee for bringing the party to you. Costs are $25 for the first 25 miles from any of our studio in downtown Ypsilanti, plus $1 or each additional mile. Additionally, we charge an extra fee for large off site events (30+ guests), which scales based on how many guests will be attending the event.

If you need to rent tables and chairs from us, we do offer them for a reasonable rental fee. Check out the Private Events page for more details.

Can I host a Private Party at Tipsy Ypsi?2022-05-15T04:03:52-04:00

Of course you can! Tipsy Ypsi Paint & Pour offers an incredible new way to spice up your next event. Let our Entertainer/Instructors guide your guests through an evening of art and merriment, and they’ll be sure to talk about it for weeks! Paint and Pour private parties are great for ANY event, so don’t hesitate.

We host Private Events at all of our studio, at our partner venues at restaurants and bars across Metro Detroit, and even on site at your home/business/church/facility.

We offer several different types of Private Events. Feel free to click on the link for the party you are interested in.

  • Private Events for more details on Adult Private Parties.
  • Kid’s Private Parties for more details on Kid’s Private Events (ages 5+).
  • Corporate Events for more details on Business Parties.
  • FUNdraisers for more details on our hosted Fundraiser Parties.

We’re sure to have something for your needs, but if you are looking for something more specialized, feel free to contact us at (734) 720-9777 to discuss the possibilities.

If I come with my friends, can we sit together?2022-06-08T23:19:58-04:00

We always try to seat friends and parties together, but make sure at least ONE person from your party arrives early to “stake out” an area for you. We do not take seating reservations, as it has proven to be a serious obstacle to getting the show started on time.

Do you provide alcohol or food?2022-06-08T23:20:07-04:00

At Our Studio:
We do not sell alcohol at our studio, but patrons may bring their own! Alcohol and Food are permitted in accordance with Michigan State Liquor Law and the Liquor Control Board, with the following stipulations:

  1. BYOB alcohol & food is allowed within the premises of our studios, but Tipsy Ypsi may terminate alcohol consumption at our discretion.
  2. No open containers may leave the premises. Michigan law does allow the re-corking of wine bottles, provided that they are placed in the trunk. Wine Bottles MUST be re-corked level with the lip of the bottle.
  3. No underage drinking is allowed. Underage drinking is grounds for immediate termination from the event, with no refunds.


At Partner Venues or Bars & Restaurants:
At our partner venues in bars and restaurants across Metro Detroit, the establishment will supply for your needs. Most of our partner locations have GREAT specials, so make sure to ask your server for what’s HOT at your Paint and Pour event

  1. For events hosted at off-site locations, the Event Organizer is responsible for obtaining service from the location.
  2. For events at bars & restaurants, all alcohol & food MUST be purchased from the venue. Birthday cakes are a possible exception (but check).
I missed a painting I really want to do. How often do you repeat paintings?2022-05-15T03:42:20-04:00

Here at Paint and Pour, we want to provide you with the opportunity to paint the art YOU want to paint. So we’ve opened up our public events to the possibility of having the art changed. Any event that hasn’t already had tickets purchased is open to change, so click on the image to the right or call us if there is a particular painting YOU want to paint!

Program Restrictions:

  1. You must purchase a minimum of 7 tickets for this program.
  2. To see our entire collection of art, click here.
  3. Begin the process by clicking on the image to the right.
  4. We are willing to consider changing a 2 hour painting to a 3 hour painting, but the price of the event will reflect the art selected.
  5. If a party has already been switched to another painting, it can not be switched again.

Once confirmed, we will change the event to your painting.  The event will be public, so other guests might attend as well.

When are new event calendars posted?2022-05-15T03:23:59-04:00

We try to post our schedule at least six weeks in advance. Be sure to join our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and our Email Newsletter to learn about upcoming events, special events, coupon promotions, and new paintings!

What time do I need to arrive before my event?2022-06-08T23:20:14-04:00

We recommend arriving at the venue 15 minutes prior to the party to get registered and get situated/pour a drink. We make every effort to start promptly and patrons will need a few minutes to get settled.

Please note that the studio is likely to be locked until 30 minutes before an event starts. We need this time to prepare the studio for the event and make sure everything is ready for your party, so please do NOT show up more than 30 minutes before a scheduled party without making prior arrangements with the staff.

If you are coming with a group, please make sure at least one person shows up early to stake out a table or group of chairs. We do not offer advanced seating requests, as they have historically created havoc with our ability to get the event started on time, so please plan accordingly!

What do I wear?2022-06-08T23:20:21-04:00

We will provide aprons, but we do recommend wearing something comfortable you wouldn’t mind getting paint on. While accidents are rare, they DO happen, so don’t wear anything that you would be absolutely heartbroken if some paint were to fall on it. Our paint stays on the canvas AND on your clothes!

As a general rule of thumb, you should choose your clothing with the following things in mind:

  • Long sleeves are the most common problem area.
  • Anything that restricts your arms might be a problem. If you are frequently cold in public area, bring an old sweater or zippy instead of a jacket.
  • If it is your FAVORITE anything, don’t risk it.
  • The more you plan to drink, the likelier you are to end up with paint on you.

For children’s events, we highly suggest that they do not wear clothing with long sleeves.

What is included in the ticket price?2022-06-28T07:36:02-04:00

We provide everything patrons will need for their party, including a 16″ x 20″ stretched canvas, paint, brushes, easels, aprons, music, and a talented instructor/entertainer to host the evening. If you are attending an event at our studio in Ypsilanti, you only need to bring your own drinks and food. At our partner venues at bars and restaurants, a server will be on hand to supply your needs.

We also have paper plates, plastic utensils, cups, napkins, and assorted dining gear, as well as wine screws and bottle openers at our studio locations.

NOTE: Events held off-site at a facility providing alcohol can NOT bring their own beverages/food. These events will be specifically noted in the event description. In short, if the event is hosted at a venue that sells food/drinks, then you can not bring in your own.

What is the cost of a ticket at Tipsy Ypsi?2022-06-28T07:36:21-04:00

The price for each event is determined by a host of factors, including the length of the party & our agreements with the host venue. As a general rule of thumb, a 2 hour event will be $35.00 and a 3 hours event will be $45.00, with Children’s parties running $25.00 for a 1.5 -2 hour session. There are also specialty events that might have a different price (Paint your Pet, Paint your Partner, etc.) For exact prices, look at the event information on our Event Calendars.

We also run FUNdraisers for charity organizations on a regular basis. These events are usually open to the public and might have a slightly higher cost as compared to our regular events. We automatically gift a percentage of all revenue from FUNdraisers to the featured charity, but we also offer them the option of increasing the base cost to encourage higher donations.

We also offer coupons on a regular basis on Facebook, Twitter, and through our Email Newsletter.

Do I need to purchase ticket in advance?2022-06-28T07:36:11-04:00

There is limited seating at all of our venues, so we highly recommend signing up in advance. The easiest way is to register online by going to our calendar page. Guests will be able to view the featured painting for each party, and thus choose the painting that THEY want to paint. If you are having issues, feel free to call us at (734) 480-8095 for assistance.

We DO take cash and credit card payments on site, but there is a $5 upcharge for tickets at the door. Furthermore, we can NOT guarantee that there will still be a spot available for you, so early registration is HIGHLY encouraged!

Furthermore, we do require a minimum number of attendees to host an event at all venues. If you do not pre-register for a party, it is possible that we might cancel it due to poor attendance. Without a pre-registration, we won’t know you are coming! So please, use our website or call (734) 480-8095 to book your reservation.

Do you run art classes at Tipsy Ypsi?2022-05-15T01:57:31-04:00

While guests will learn how to create a painting that they will be proud of, the focus is on fun and having a unique night out. During the event we’re playing fun music while patrons have the opportunity to enjoy their own beverages and nibbles, as well as a chance to socialize with dates, friends or significant others. We do offer advanced events periodically for those more serious about learning new techniques and working with locally famous artists…but still having fun.

What is a paint party like at Tipsy Ypsi?2022-05-15T01:54:41-04:00

Our events are a stress-free group setting where an Artist/Entertainer will guide guests, step-by-step, through replicating a featured painting. Each party works on a specific painting, but patrons are encouraged to explore their creativity and go off on their own if they wish to. We provide all of the art supplies required for the event, including brushes, easels, paints, canvases, etc. As part of the party, you will learn color mixing, brush techniques, and basic art theory… all while having fun!

Patrons will be sure to go home with a painting that is uniquely theirs, and we guarantee that guests will be amazed at the artwork they will have created! The events start at a set time, so we suggest that patrons arrive 15-30 minutes early to register and get the seat of their choice, as well as to pour a drink!

Parties last approximately 2 to 3 hours, and there are FREQUENT sip breaks.

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