Here at Paint and Pour, we want to provide you with the opportunity to paint the art YOU want to paint. So we’ve opened up our public events to the possibility of having the art changed. Any event that hasn’t already had tickets purchased is open to change, so click on the image to the right or call us if there is a particular painting YOU want to paint!

Program Restrictions:

  1. You must purchase a minimum of 7 tickets for this program.
  2. To see our entire collection of art, click here.
  3. Begin the process by clicking on the image to the right.
  4. We are willing to consider changing a 2 hour painting to a 3 hour painting, but the price of the event will reflect the art selected.
  5. If a party has already been switched to another painting, it can not be switched again.

Once confirmed, we will change the event to your painting.  The event will be public, so other guests might attend as well.