At Our Studio:
We do not sell alcohol at our studio, but patrons may bring their own! Alcohol and Food are permitted in accordance with Michigan State Liquor Law and the Liquor Control Board, with the following stipulations:

  1. BYOB alcohol & food is allowed within the premises of our studios, but Tipsy Ypsi may terminate alcohol consumption at our discretion.
  2. No open containers may leave the premises. Michigan law does allow the re-corking of wine bottles, provided that they are placed in the trunk. Wine Bottles MUST be re-corked level with the lip of the bottle.
  3. No underage drinking is allowed. Underage drinking is grounds for immediate termination from the event, with no refunds.


At Partner Venues or Bars & Restaurants:
At our partner venues in bars and restaurants across Metro Detroit, the establishment will supply for your needs. Most of our partner locations have GREAT specials, so make sure to ask your server for what’s HOT at your Paint and Pour event

  1. For events hosted at off-site locations, the Event Organizer is responsible for obtaining service from the location.
  2. For events at bars & restaurants, all alcohol & food MUST be purchased from the venue. Birthday cakes are a possible exception (but check).