Absolutely! Here are the basics:

  1. Kid’s Parties (utilizing Kid’s Art, which can be seen in the  Kid’s Gallery) are generally $25 per painter.
  2. Teen Parties (utilizing our simpler adult art from the Teen Gallery) are generally $35 per painter.
  3. We CAN use our more advanced adult art in a Kid’s Party, but we really don’t suggest it.  Pricing would be based off the art selected.
  4. We require a minimum of 10 painters for parties at our Studios, and 15 for off-site parties (held at your location).
  5. We do offer MULTI-TICKET DISCOUNTS on purchases, so if you are buying all of the tickets for the event, the cost will be 10% to 35% cheaper than those listed above.

Check out our Kid’s Private Parties page for more details on how to setup your own party with Paint and Pour!